July 5, 2016

Multilingual SEO Services

Multilingual SEO or International Search Engine is the backbone of any global internet marketing campaign. Often known as “organic” or “natural” search, search engine optimization is a process to improve website rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Global SEO is complex and dependent on multiple languages. If you want to get succeed internationally, it is important to become familiar with multilingual services. CyberKing Media ensures to provide high-quality SEO services considering the international demands in mind. We understand the needs of our clients’ businesses and promote them with relevant and effective techniques.

The main aim of CyberKing Media is to make websites visible on major search engines all across the globe ensuring their relevancy and internet marketing strategies. To achieve this, we use advanced methods and processes.

Search Engine Compatibility Audit (SECA)

SECA analysis is used to design an action plan required to improve your search engine rankings. The SECA includes five stages to review and revise all-important aspects of your website wherever needed.

Factors reviewed and revised include:

  • Site Navigability
  • Link popularity and search engine saturation
  • Source code and content
  • URLs, Structure and browsers
  • Language recognition problems

International Keyword Search Terms

  • Keyword research is the basis of any Multilingual SEO campaign which is used to find out the popularity of keywords and their competition with top search terms.
  • This can be used to determine which keywords should be added to your website.
  • Each country and language has diverse search terms and search patterns, successful global SEO requires comprehensive research into search behavior and language usage.
  • Search terms and specific keywords can be included to your website content and meta-content to improve the visibility of your website on SERPs