Think SEO is Dead?

Well, it isn’t. It just got a makeover and now it’s going by IBSO – or Intent Based Search Optimization.

Thanks to Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, the old rules of SEO no longer apply. In fact, they completely changed how search marketing could and should be done!

Intent Based Search Optimization

Today, to get ranked (and stay ranked), site owners need to emphasize user experience over traditional variables such as links and keyword density. Most importantly, marketers need to optimize based on the user’s intent (and not just the search bots).

This is the biggest shift to occur in Search Marketing since the launch of Google. It’s called IBSO (and yes, it’s the future of search marketing).

There’s just one problem: Most search marketers are still acting like it’s 2009. They’re the proverbial “ostrich with their head stuck in the sand"…unwilling to admit that search has changed.


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