A/B Testing to Get the Most Out of Your PPC Campaign

AB Split TestingYour marketing campaign strategy needs to include ways to test your ads to see what is resulting in the most conversions. A/B testing requires two samples in order to determine which one is attracting more customers. When you look at the ads in your PPC campaign, a number of factors can make a big difference.

The wording of your ad, the images that you use, and placement of purchase buttons all matter when it comes to marketing. Finding what works for your business is essential to your overall success. According to Top Rank Blog, “B2B marketers use an average of 13 content marketing tactics”, this means that you need to keep trying new tactics until you find what makes your business thrive.

Testing Your Ad Images

If you aren’t sure about the images you are using in your PPC campaign, you might as well test out what images are working best for you first. Look at your analytics and determine which ad is doing the best right now. Although the reason it is doing so well could be a number of reasons, one could be that the image being used is great. Take the ad that is performing well (Label it A) and make a copy of it. Leave the layout as it is, leave the same wording, but change the image. If the newly created ad (Label it B) performs better than the first, the new image is what is making the difference. Try the same thing with the B ad, creating a third ad and label it C. Only change the image for ad C. The ad that performs the best is doing so because of the image that you chose.

Change Your Ad Wording

Once you have determined which ad contains the best image, stick with this image on your next set of tests that you conduct. To focus on your wording, start by changing out your headlines. The best performing ad from your image test should be used as ad A. You will now create a copy of ad A, and change the headline. For example, if you are personal injury law firm, ad A’s headline might read, “When you’ve been hurt in an accident”, while the second headline for ad B could be, “If your hurt because of a negligent driver”. Run each ad to see which one results in more leads and conversions for your business. Just like testing the image, you can determine which ad works better, A or B, and then run a second test by changing the wording one more time and testing the third ad against it.

Your Next Steps for A/B Testing Your PPC Campaign

Now that you have figured out what image attracts your customers, and what wording is resulting in more conversions, you can play around with the layout of your ad. This can be as simple as changing the background on a buy it now button, or moving the location of this button. Here’s your chance to get creative. Start with the best performing ad when you did your wording test, and again, label this ad A. Create a duplicate, and change one aspect, labeling it ad B. This will help you fine tune your PPC ads so that you can get the most out of your campaign.

About Author: Sophorn Chhay

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